Cheryl Powers Stylist

A professional stylist for over 30 years. Cheryl uses hair as her canvas, bringing a distinctive artistry and fresh approach to draw out each client’s unique beauty. Cheryl understood from an early age that hair is not just an accessory; that great hair is the key to feeling beautiful. Many of Cheryl’s clients are local on-air news anchors and reporters. “A great passion I have is helping cancer patients through their journey of losing hair and then bringing it back using the latest hair regrowth technologies.” Cheryl volunteers her time and skills to many individuals and organizations such as the American Cancer Society, Valley of Hope and The Mission at Kern County. Truly passionate about her chosen career, Cheryl is always on top of the trends. It’s her personal goal to continue to grow and excel in her craft and to ultimately share all that she learns. “I love hair and feel incredibly blessed that I’ve found a career that resonates with me so perfectly. As a stylist, I believe in honesty, patience, creativity, and hard work all functioning together to produce a beautiful end result for all my clients

“Hair is my art and I love the process of transforming someone from start to finish.”